Last updated 09-Aug-2016.

I'm currently seeking a volunteer for the position of "someone to coordinate purchases so that Michael doesn't receive the same gift from multiple people".

This list is split into sections, listed in no particular order:


Can't be arsed reading the entire list? Expensive stuff: a contribution towards my DSLR body upgrade, or ultrawide lens. Cheap stuff: various accessories (macro extension tubes, neutral density filters that you can generally buy off DealeXtreme and other similar sites. Otherwise I will always welcome the bread-and-butter gifts from my tshirt/CD/DVD lists.


Harder to find

Try REAL music stores like 78's or Dada's. In approximate preferential order:

Easier to find

Places like JB HiFi will have some of these, or can at least order them in. Also in approximate preferential order:



In very loosely descending priority within vendor. Some of these have been on the list for a while, so might be out of stock (or even 404). I'm a Medium.

These shirts don't seem to exist any more. But I still want one!

Computer stuff



Camera stuff

Inexpensive accessories (in descending priority):

In approximately descending order of priority; greyed out sections serve merely as a note to self for when I am feeling rich...

Random stuff