facebook provides two ical feeds for third party calendar software (such as the popular Google Calendar, or (hack,spit) MS-Outlook); one for events, and one for birthdays. Unfortunately, these feeds often contain slightly broken data, or are invalidly formatted.

fbcal is a filter for these ical feeds that makes tweaks to the ical data in order to make it work better. Sometimes it's required to make it work at all...

Another useful fbcal feature is that it allows you to have multiple individually-revokable calendar feed URLs that you can give to each of your calendar-using friends. Facebook used to provide the ability to revoke the facebook feed URL (by changing the required URL 'key' value), but this functionality appears to have disappeared, possible during the recent (March 2014) facebook update.

What does it do?

Useful fixes

These are the currently active changes:

Old fixes

These are mostly things fbcal used to need to do:

Sounds great. How do I use it?

TBD! For now, bug Michael.


TODO list

This is more a note to self than anything else.